Being exceptional is our standard.

We pioneered TV rental when we began trading in 1978 as a special hotel supplier for Teljoy, the television rental company. Since then we have evolved into the digital and communication specialists that we are today. We’re acknowledged leaders in providing integrated business system and audio visual solutions to corporate Southern Africa and have unequalled expertise in the hospitality, health, retail, leisure and telecommunications industries as well. This wide bank of experience also means that we can transfer our knowledge to any other environment – to suit your needs.

Our main goal is to provide you, our customer, with the best solution for your unique requirements. We aim to do this by first understating your underlying needs. We’re constantly researching new technologies and developing product ranges, product support and warranties with our suppliers and partners to make sure we’re able to offer you the best final product possible. Our reliable service stems from our teams of dedicated in-house experts and separate service technician and installation teams. We offer customised service reporting for our key customers, as well as 24-hour service nationwide supported by a national call centre, standby technicians and, most importantly, our strong customer service ethos.

In 2006, we concluded a BBBEE deal, and currently enjoy a level 4, Value Added Supplier rating through a SANAS – approved rating company, based on the new BBBEE rating structure.

Teljoy Business Systems Philosophy: AIM for the best

Here at Teljoy Business Systems we aim for an all-in-one solution that gives you the best quality audio visual and security system without the hassle of implementing and managing it. Through this methodology we’ll design, source, commission, maintain your AV and security systems, allowing you to focus on your business.Our AIM methodology allows us to give you the best 21st century solution for your communication needs: reliable cutting edge and customised technology with unparalleled service and flexible finance options.

AIM consists of three parts:

  • Analysis: Supported by our in-house consultants and specialists, we take into account your specific organisation and its capabilities as well as your needs and preferences. We assess which business systems are best suited to your requirements and design fit for purpose solutions.
  • Implementation: Our skilled and experienced teams will make sure that the infrastructure, hardware and systems are installed correctly and efficiently. As part of this, we train your staff. Finally, we’ll do a post-installation inspection to ensure that we have delivered according to the quality and functionality which was requested.
  • Maintenance: Our top priority is to become your business partner of choice, by servicing, upgrading and maintaining your systems, as well as providing you with continued support. In addition, we’ll also monitor processes and assess for upgrades, should you grow or expand your business.

Peace of mind

  • Training: Once installation is complete, we give training to the people who will be using the equipment. This instils peace of mind since your staff will know how to use the systems efficiently and productively, while being able to resolve small issues to minimise downtime and inconvenience.

Rental makes economic sense

In today’s rapidly evolving technological age, buying your AV equipment means you risk it becoming outdated before you’ve got the full value out of your investment. A good solution to this – and as a way of keeping your AV equipment off your balance sheet – is to rent your AV equipment instead of buying it. With Teljoy Business Systems, our AV equipment rental prices include delivery and installation costs, as well as maintenance and service for the full period of the contract. When it comes to financing your audio equipment rental, we offer a range of flexible financial options to suit your budget and your needs. All contracts are settled directly with us rather than a bank or another third party, and, depending on your credit rating, you won’t need to pay a deposit or have any initial capital outlay. Even when renting audio visual equipment, many customers find that their hardware falls behind industry norms by the end of the rental period. As a solution to this, we give you main AV equipment rental options:

  1. Our Technology Refresh programme lets you upgrade equipment or technology so that you stay abreast of latest industry trends throughout your rental period
  2. Our Re-sign Rental agreement lets you retain existing technology or equipment at a discounted rate while still receiving service and maintenance
  3. Option to Purchase agreements negotiated at the start of the agreement attract a nominal fee which allows you to take ownership of the equipment at the end of the rental period.